Discover IJmuiden Rauw aan Zee

Visit the beaches of IJmuiden

IJmuiden has three beaches: IJmuiderslag, IJmuiden aan Zee and Strand Noordpier. The beaches are designed in such a way that all groups of visitors – peace and quiet seekers and active visitors – can find their place there. Come to IJmuiden for a day at the beach!

Beach IJmuiden aan Zee

Strand IJmuiden aan Zee is located at the Marina Seaport IJmuiden and can be reached via the signs Strand IJmuiden aan Zee. It is suitable for active water sports. Because of the location of the South Pier, a wave current is created that is ideal for wind- and kite-surfing. But families also enjoy themselves on the spacious recreation area.

You will find the beach pavilions Zeezicht, Zilt aan Zee, Noordzee, Zuidpier and Makai Beach. The pavilions are open all year round.

In the dunes behind the beach are the remains of the Atlantic Wall, a row of various bunkers from the Second World War. A bunker route takes you through the dunes along the bunkers towards IJmuiderslag.

IJmuiden aan Zee is easy to reach by car, bicycle and public transport (bus). There is an ample supply of parking spaces.

Beach Noordpier

Beach Noordpier lies north of the North Sea Canal and is accessible via Wijk aan Zee and the Reyndersweg. It is suitable for active water sports. The location of the Noordpier creates a special wave current that is very suitable for wave, wind and kite surfing. You can bring your own surfboard or rent one on the spot. You can also take lessons or just watch all the activity from the sand or the terrace of one of the beach pavilions.

You will find two beach pavilions. Timbuktu and Aloha. Furthermore, the surf store and surf school Ozlines, surf association Hui Nalu and Outstanding Events for active company outings are located here. The Sea You restaurant is located at the parking lot.

Along the Reyndersweg and in the parking lot you can park for free in the bays throughout the year.

Beach zoning and regulations

What are the possibilities on the beaches of IJmuiden? And where and when? Where, for example, can you kitesurf, SUP, blokart or go horseback riding? Or where are the dogs allowed to run free? Below you will find the maps and an explanation of the zoning:

Up-to-date information about the rules per zone can be found locally.


IJmuiderslag lies south of IJmuiden aan Zee and can be reached via the signs IJmuiderslag. The southern part of this beach is a dog walking area. This beach is suitable for blokarting, kitebuggying, beach sailing and horse riding. You will also find the beach pavilion Beach Inn, Seaside Sports and the wind and water sports center Hightide Surf & Food. IJmuiderslag is located next to the National Park South-Kennemerland where you can enjoy walking and cycling.

Parking is possible at the top of the beach entrance. You can park here for a maximum of 2 or 4 hours. It depends on the parking zone. In the summer you can park your car on the large parking lot at the Heerenduinweg. Parking there is possible all day.

Accessibility for disabled

On all beaches beach wheelchairs are provided free of charge. There is also a beach cab on the beach IJmuiden aan Zee. Here you will find more information about accessibility for disabled people.

Nude recreation

For people who like to recreate naked, this is allowed between IJmuiderslag and Bloemendaal. The official nude beach can be found between posts 58.0 and 58.425.